As more and more of us are focusing on the importance of the environment and “doing our bit”. The Garden Project Co. can help you every step of the way with this element of your new garden.

At TPG, we are already focused on recycling and repurposing elements of the clients existing garden (materials like paving slabs, timber and soil) as well as minimising waste on every installation. 

So, here are our top suggestions on encouraging wildlife into your new garden;

Install hedgehog friendly fencing

A small cut out in the bottom of your fencing allows hedgehogs to freely pass between gardens when foraging. Ideally, an 8 inch archway is recommended. 

Bee houses

Carefully placed bee houses in the sheltered areas of trees and on fences. 

Hedgehog houses 

Along with installing hedgehog friendly fences, you can also add small hedgehog houses which are hidden in the undergrowth of trees and hedges. 


Homes for insects and bugs carefully placed around the garden in sheltered areas. 

Planting considerations

Lavender, buddleja (butterfly bush), or anything highly scented and vibrant in colour. 

Nest boxes

Attached to trees and fences in quieter areas of the garden. 

Bat boxes

These are ideally placed on your house walls near to its eaves. 


You ideally need ponds positioned further away from your home so the space is less disturbed.

Bathing and water supplies 

Located not in direct sunlight and where bathing species can take a bath in safety. 

Feeding stations

Located under trees or in a sheltered position so it can be enjoyed in a safe environment. 

Wood piles

Finally, wood piles make an inviting home or feeding ground for insects, toads, newts, bees and other wildlife. Birds feed on insects that make their home in old wood. So these are great for encouraging an array of wildlife into your garden.

We Can Help You Design A Wildlife Enticing Garden

At TGP our award winning garden designers specialise in developing and installing luxury outdoor spaces, packed with wildlife and greenery. 

So, for a bespoke garden design bursting with wildlife, contact The Garden Project Co. today.

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