Our Brief

The client had moved to a new home significantly far away from their previous home so it was important to find a comprehensive company that they could trust.

They wanted a low maintenance garden with some interesting planting, the most important element was to beautifully soften the huge wall with fencing on top on the rear boundary of the garden, to break up the mass of bricks and the hard edges. The clients spends a lot of time abroad at their holiday homes hence the low maintenance.


We met with the client on site, before they’d even moved in. They had plans to extend their beautiful new home, so we included their new extension in our CGI imagery, something which they and many clients really appreciate! I knew the client was not from the area, so it was of paramount importance for us, as a company to carefully guide them to the garden of their dreams. After a 2-hour consultation with the client, discussing their desires and practical elements, we got the instruction to design this for them. 

With Chris’s unique design flair and the technology we use, we were able to show the client an accurate video of their new garden, along with a comprehensive understanding of the chosen materials to be used, taking full advantage of our fully stocked showroom. All whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or two & some light refreshments. 

A seamless garden of simple elegance and tranquillity, softening the hard edges and an abundance of brick work, resulting in a haven for the client to relax in. A crisp modern gazebo with mood lighting adds to the client experience, allowing them to enjoy the garden all year round, coupled with the sounds of gently flowing water from the water feature.  

What The Client Said

The Garden Project Co. team have been exceptional.

We first contacted them in June 2022 just before we moved to Lavendon. As we were moving to a new house we had a blank canvas as our back garden. Having moved from a house with a considerable view, this new house was a challenge as we had no view, only of a very high red bricked retaining wall.

Chris Howkins (co-owner) went away and drew up his initial ideas. I was then invited to a demonstration at their offices, which included detailed drawings and CGI’s. What I saw blew me away. After a few changes, they started work to suit our timescale on the back retaining wall first shortly after Christmas and were happy to delay the remaining works (at my request due to an extension we were building) until June 2023.

Due to splitting up this project into two distinct halves, we had two different teams. Team 1 was led by Daley, supported by Lewis and Will. They levelled the garden and constructed a large retaining wall. This was in January when they worked through some tremendous storms without so much as one complaint.

Team 2 was led by Danny, supported by Adam and Nick.
They created the different patio and artificial grass areas. The second half of the project was completed in June and they worked through the heatwave we had.

All of them were conscientious, hardworking, respectful and a joy to have around.

I really cant thank all of them enough!

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